PS3 Linux, Sony agrees to pay the Gamer’s Millions over Firmware Fiasco

Sony is now finally agreeing to pay the gamer’s over the 2010 Firmware Fiasco after a litigation of six years over PS3 Linux.

The issue arose after Sony decided to remove the PS3 Linux operating system through a Firmware update from its PlayStation 3 console and gamer’s everywhere decided to sue the Japanese Giant for its unnecessary action to disable the OS Functionality due to security concerns and potential piracy at the time. Lawyers representing about 10 Million gamer’s and Sony itself reached an agreement this past Friday.PS3 LinuxA California based federal Judge has not approved the accord which sees gamer’s being eligible to receive 55$ if they were a Linux user on the last gen console, the proposed settlement which will be given out next month also gives about 9$ to each PS3 owner who was under the impression of buying the PS3 console in hopes of using its other OS Functionality.

The gamer’s in line for the cash settlement are all owners of the original PS3 model which is more commonly referred to as the Fat model who happened to purchase the console in the United States between November 1st 2006 and April 1st 2010, Sony is set to pay out millions even though it is not known how much the accord would cost the Japanese Giant.


Like most Firmware updates it was mandatory as gamer’s would have a hard time logging on to the PlayStation Network and being able to use any online features and playing games online or play Blu-ray movies which required the gamer to go online so that they could update to use the Blu-ray media player and its media functionality.

For me personally I did not care much for the feature as to me the point of owning a console is to play games so that probably does not make me eligible for the 55$ plus, I don’t reside in the United States so.