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Our top 5 Video Games of all time

Video games have a long standing history of delivering some of the best experiences in interactive entertainment ever since the old Atari days and going back even further but this is not what the article is about. Today I explore some of my personal favourite experiences in the world of video games around various platforms. Now notice this is not my definitive list, that will come at a later date,but for now, lets take a look.



Released way back in 1996 by eidos interactive and core design and is often regarded and one of the first games that revolutionized 3D gaming thanks in part to the Original PlayStation alongside the equally revolutionizing Super Mario 64 on the N64. Tomb raider had it all, a mix of Exploration and Adventure plus gun play, basically a female Indiana Jones which paved the way for future Franchises such as uncharted and more importantly, proved that gamers would be interested in a female protagonist.



4. QUAKE 2 (PC,PSX,N64)
The Sequel to Quake was released way back in 1997 by ID software and Activision and to this day is one of my favorite experiences, whether it was the improved gory first person shooter(FPS) mechanics over the original Quake or the killer Soundtrack, certainly the heyday of ID software which existed amongst other great classics such as Unreal from Epic games and Hexen from Raven software.




The Last of us is often Regarded as the Game of the Generation, and after playing it you will understand why.The Last of us follows the Story of Joel and Ellie who must Survive in a Post Apocalyptic Outbreak. Released in 2013 for the Ps3 and the updated Remastered version for the Ps4 in 2014 by Naughty dog and Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, it is widely lauded for its Graphics, Action, Storytelling and Stealth Mechanics which has earned it, its fair share of critical Acclaim and even the Title of a Masterpiece.




While there were always the 2D top down view games in the grand theft auto franchise, the series didn’t blow up and I mean really blow up until the release of Grand theft auto 3 in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and other platforms by DMA design and Rockstar games, With its move to 3D, It revolutionized the gaming industry with the Concept of the Open World where you are Free to do anything at anytime if you get bored with the Main Story line, just about every open world game nowadays owes it a great deal, in any case Grand theft auto 3 had it all,Open world, Action, Story line, A Killer Soundtrack in the form of Radio Stations and of course some violent Action and Suggestive themes.





Metal Gear Solid gave Rise to the Stealth Genre and is an Action and Espionage game by Legendary Series Creator Hideo Kojima. Released in 1998 by Konami, it follows the Covert Operations of Solid Snake, the Series Gruff Protagonist with his Legendary voice and Mullet, who just might be One of the most Recognizable Characters in Video game history, battling Huge Mecha’s and his Brother Liquid, The Series might have a Confusing Story line for some but that does not stop it from being in Gamers all time top Video game lists including mine so without a doubt, this is one of the finest video games ever made with its Action,Voice acting, Stealth Mechanics and Awesome Soundtrack plus it very well is the PlayStation’s Finest Hour.

And I Hope You Enjoyed this Article, Thanks for Reading.