Special Edition Xbox One for Game of Thrones

Game of thrones is one of the most popular television shows in recent history and the season came and ended with winter finally coming.

To celebrate the success of the season and the show Microsoft has officially revealed the launch of six game of thrones based consoles for the Xbox One.

The design remains the same and is of course mainly aesthetics but from the trailer and first look the model looks amazing and can be a great addition for the complete game of thrones fan.

The custom paint job is great added with some modifications which cover the casing one has to wonder if it’s just a collector’s piece because as from the video the vents on top seem to be covered, check out the trailer below.

This custom version of the Xbox One is surely beautiful to look at and would be a welcome addition to the living room, but there is a catch. The model is currently only for France and fans who want to collect or buy it may have to resort to buying it online for way higher prices.

Oh and there’s one more thing you can’t actually buy this console, should have mentioned that first, sorry to build the hype. Yes you cannot buy it, the only way to get your hands on this beauty is by winning it as a prize by participating in Xbox France social media pages.

We don’t really like the fact that only a handful of people in the world will be able to own this beauty but we respect that, it’ll be interesting to see if any of the winners put up for sale online as it could bring in a lot of money, in short we’re jealous and hoping that is the case.