Former WWE Superstar CM Punk’s UFC Debut Confirmed

CM Punk aka Phil Brooks, who signed with the UFC a couple of years ago, more specifically December of 2014 after a very bad breakup with his former employer, the WWE, has finally gotten his first fight in the Octagon set after a number of drawbacks that sidelined him during training for his Octagon debut.

The announcement came by CM Punk himself, on UFC’s unfiltered podcast. So it is official now, CM punk vs Mickey Gall in a Welterweight bout is set for UFC 203 which takes place on Saturday September 10th 2016.


CM Punk comments below.

“I’ve been laying low media-wise, because I have nothing to say. You can’t talk a bunch of s–t until you’ve been in there, and I haven’t been. The instant I got cleared, I got on the horn and nailed everything down, and I’ll be debuting September 10 in Cleveland. I’m happy to have a date, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. You keep training and keep training until you hit a wall, and that was the point I was at. I found out I’ve been walking around with a herniated disk for probably years”.


On the subject that whether or not anybody in the UFC locker-room has given him a hard time over his decision to fight in MMA and the comments routinely made by his Twitter haters, this was his response.

“I would much rather listen to my wife, my friends, my trainers, my team. I’m not the best at this. No s***. I know that. I want to f****** give it a shot, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I tend to find the most success fighters” … “they’re the ones that are like, f*** it, go for it. Good for you kid, do your thing. But I understand both points of view, I really do. I understand some of these guys that aren’t making what they probably should make, and they see a guy like me come in and get the red carpet rolled out for me. But at the end of the day, it’s still going to be a f****** fist fight in a cage. And if I lose, then they can laugh at me on Twitter. And if I win, good for me.” 

Since this is CM Punk’s first Fight in the Octagon, no doubt there are people who would rather he get a beating and lose but we shall see the aftermath come September when he steps into the Octagon, perhaps he will be a success like Brock Lesnar, a fighter and a wrestler just like him or he will quickly realize that this was not a very good decision, but whatever happens it will surely get people talking and no doubt help the UFC in generating some record PPV Buys.