Why Guys need Guy Time

Everyone likes a good night out with their friends where they can unwind and enjoy themselves and research says guys need guy time more than women. Here’s why you should let him hang with the boys.

Researchers from Germany have come to the conclusion that men need to spend time with their mates and that’s something all men’s significant others should understand because according to the study male bonding is important as it can reduce stress levels of a man and increase quality of life rather than when he’s spending time with his partner or family but that doesn’t mean you should spend time only with the boys but a night out with the mates is important once a week for a man’s health.

Hanging out with friends does indeed reduce stress levels because of pack mentality and comfort levels which one has with his friends, when a man is in his close knitted group of friends he will be more confident, less anxious and willing to try things he never has and that leads to exciting things for his partner as well, consider this when the man returns home he is more likely to be happy with positive energy.

Men tend to hide their emotions behind thick layers and the best way to find out a man’s true nature is by well by or from his mates. Men tend to truly be themselves around their best friends while engaging in activities together or just by having drinks. Becoming your true self at least 2 times a week is important by engaging in similar activities or by just doing nothing and being in company you trust.

There is indeed an unsaid “bro” code amongst men. Men have always had each other’s backs and maybe that leads to reduced stress levels when they are in each other’s company. This does apply when you have true friends you can rely on and be yourself with and men are actually more dependent on that and keep a close circle of friends ranging from 3 to 5 as they grow older because that’s what they truly need. If for whatever reason men don’t get to hang out with their close friends it can lead to depressive and antisocial behaviour because men look up to each other a group of friends who are close will always take the positive traits of their friends for personal growth.

Men seek out advice from other men so always be the bro you want your mates to be and don’t forget to kick back over the weekend and watch the game or just be stupid together.