E3 2016

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Woohoo! Can’t wait. Actually, gonna have to. All the way till next year, march, 2017. Ghost recon is by far one of the coolest computer games I’ve ever played. Literally. I remember ghost recon 2, the heart pounding action, the suspense, the tactics you need to use to get further in the game and tactics done gracefully and with taste. The game did not enable too many tactics, but it was not lacking in such a thing, and all was perfectly balanced.

Ghost Recon, having earned it’s name from the second in the series, In my Personal Opinion, I believe that Ghost Recon Wildlands might surpass that. It would be incredible to see if Ghost Recon Wildlands pulls off the same level of suspense and action that Ghost Recon 2 did, and it would be even better if the multiplayer be decent.

Again, Ghost Recon Wildlands is scheduled for release on the 3.17.2017. It’s going to be a close to a year, but it looks good. And as always, all we can do is twiddle our thumbs on some other games while we wait