E3 2016

The Elder Scrolls Legends Revealed with Opening Cinematic

One the most beloved deveoplers in the gaming community Bethesda revealed in their second ever E3 conference their upcoming free-to-play collectible card game named The Elder Scrolls Legends.

As till now we have idea that there will be a multiplayer aspect in the game namely competitive multiplayer and an AI based multiplayer, but the lore including more information on the game kind of veiled in smoke at the moment but the idea behind Bethesda entering the free to play market is a good choice. We can expect some aspect of the Elder Scrolls lore into the game, as well.. card games are supposed to have lore attached to them.

Elder Scrolls Legends

Currently the Card game is set to be released on the PC, Ipad, Mac and Android devices.

Check out the Opening Cinematic Trailer below and join the open beta.