Warframe Update 19

Warframe is set to release yet another big update called U19 the War Within.

The previous major update was huge for the game, revealing many interesting aspects of the game and lore for the players and fans alike especially it was the first Cinematic quest in the game.

I’ve always been a fan of Warframe, played it for a while when it first started and to see it grow has been a treat because the developers really put their soul in making the game better and always consider player recommendations and for me it’s probably one of the best free to play games out there, that is if you’re into space ninjas.

It was a little disappointing to see the end result of the last big update the Second Dream, to not include any spoilers Warframe’s player base in my opinion consists a great amount of adults, but you can’t argue with the developer’s idea because they have most definitely seen the long term goal.

For Update 19 the developers are aiming to release content on a steady pace that’s understandable because the update will be a major one.

The first wave has already begun with the introduction of Lunaro, its Warframes take on including some friendly sporting aspect in the game, and it’s kind of like basketball. To be honest there’s no real focus of the Lunaro update, as it seems childish to me, some players like it whereas I’ve met many players in game since the update who haven’t even tried it yet and don’t even intend too.


The second wave of the update should be an interesting one called Spectres of the Rail because it’ll focus on the Archwing game mod which I am a fan of, it’s going to focus on the Archwing flight systems bringing improvements and diversity on how you play, also including a healer class to better accommodate long runs including two new game modes and weapons.


The last wave of the big update would be the quest the War Within and should be nice to see what it brings including a new warframe for players to slice and dice with.