Titanfall 2 director posts a picture of the retail PS4 disc, hilarity ensues

The director for soon to be released Mech action game Titanfall 2 Drew McCoy posted a picture of the PS4 version of the game on Twitter, the same disc gamer’s will get their hands on soon but as it would have it, Xbox One owners were none too pleased.

Xbox One users started accusing Drew McCoy of being biased towards Sony’s hardware but we all know that’s not the case, as the original Titanfall showed up on Xbox One exclusively.

The Titanfall 2 disc in question via Twitter

The drama was caused because of a tweet from a Microsoft user who said he preferred the Xbox One disc better to which Drew McCoy replied, “Green disc’s aren’t sexy“.

In any case, both owners of PS4 and Xbox One will be able to enjoy the game this month as it releases on October 28th  2016, this being the first time Titanfall has appeared on a Sony platform.