PS4 Slim to Release alongside the Neo, Analyst weighs in

It’s not just the souped up PS4 Neo that is in the pipeline but also a slimmer version of the current PS4 if reports are to be believed. According to SONY Analysts, a slim iteration of the highly successful PS4 is set to make an appearance in time for the Tokyo game show in September.

While the PS4 is already rather Compact in it’s design, SONY could be considering this as a cost cutting measure similar to the CUH-1200 model they released back in in July of last year with a matte finish and physical buttons instead of a touch sensor but the question that every gamer would pose is how exactly are they going to make it smaller even if the console is more energy efficient without sacrificing the inner temperatures as the current PS4 gets rather hot as it is and it’s a console that desperately needs adequate airflow to ensure a smoother experience and avoid the almost jet engine fan levels as the launch model PS4’s.

The current PS4

The PS4 may be selling like Hotcakes and many feel there is no need for a slim model but let’s not forget that this is a business and SONY as a consumer based company needs to be aware of its bottom line, still these two new models, the slim PS4 and the more graphically upgraded PS4 Neo will be the last in the PS4’s console life-cycle according to SONY.

Exciting times to be a SONY fan what with a Steller E3 showing and more to come potentially at Gamescon and the Tokyo game show. The timing would certainly be right as SONY has introduced a slim version of its baseline consoles in the past as well but if you are anything like me, I prefer the original model or at least the very same model that gets released a year or two later with cheaper components and a few minor cosmetic changes.We shall know more soon at the Tokyo game show in September.