PS4 Slim leaked ahead of Official reveal

The Existence of a new slimmer Ps4 was finally confirmed via a recent leak found on the UK’s version of Craigslist called Gumtree in Manchester and it has already found its way into the hands of a few lucky gamer’s, while some out there believed it to be fake and some thought it was the real deal and indeed the latter proved to be the case even though Sony had never mentioned that such a console was in the pipeline but you only have to look at history for this to be the case.

photo credit goes to Eurogamer.net

The newly Redesigned Ps4 is smaller then it’s Big brother and has an overall more sleek appearance with rounded corners and the PlayStation symbols underneath. The new slimmed down console is said to run noticeably cooler and quieter than the earlier console and sports the same matte finish as the Cuh 1200 which was released last year.

The Dual shock 4 controller seems to have gone through some minor changes as well as it is said to feel more solid and the buttons happen to be of a more durable material as well as an additional light bar right above the touchpad, sadly the battery seems to be the same as it was mostly a bummer considering how quickly the charge on the Dual shock 4 controller went out but alas it’s not that big of a deal.

photo credit goes to vg247.com

It made sense, this leak as it was rather inevitable that the PS4 would be going slimmer judging by past history alone but it was never confirmed to even exist unlike the fact that we had known previously that a newly redesigned Ps4 was in the pipeline in the form of it’s beefed up counterpart to exist alongside the base model, The PS4 Neo and as it turns out there was a rumor by the Wall street journal recently that two new iteration’s of the PS4 were set to be Revealed in September and now we know at least one of those announcements.

The Slim PS4 alongside the PS4 will probably be revealed proper in New York at the Media briefing Sony is holding on September 7th.


The Console will most likely go on sale shortly afterwards as for the console itself for me personally, I think it looks ok and this coming from somebody who has never been a fan of the cost reduced slimmer counterparts as opposed to the Original model which I have always gone with, still the general consensus as with most redesigned consoles happen to be that it is rather ugly unlike the Xbox One slim which looks better than its older brother,it’s as if both Sony and Microsoft have gone reverse but in the end it doesn’t matter what a console looks like as we would much rather focus on what is happening on screen rather than stare at the console.




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