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Elite Dangerous – Review

There are games, then there are phenoms. This game qualifies as … well… both. It’s a game. But it’s a phenom. Yay!

Elite dangerous takes place in the political universe of the Federation, Alliance, and the Empire. Power shifts, ousts, Planetary system disbalances, turmoil, Lockdowns, and further expansions by political powers make this game an interesting gem in my collection of computer games.

Elite Dangerous is a Space Simulator. And a dune buggy simulator….

This game is in close “competition” to Star Citizen. An Upcoming simulator from the future. Although it is the future now, considering Star Citizen took and IS taking 10 years + to build. Really now. And it’s not exactly out yet, but They’re working on it. Still are…. Working…. On…. It. Yup.

So elite dangerous is a space and dune buggy simulator. There are 400 billion Star systems to explore. Each system is complete with All The bells and whistles like Black Holes, Nubulae, different classes of stars, and even planets! Yup! Lets not forget planets. Here’s another kicker, the planets? You can LAND ON THEM. So that makes the playing space of ED cover 400 billion STAR systems. AND over 400 million? Billion? Planets you can land on. I mean, talk about romantic rendezvous with your wife or girlfriend off in the corner of the galaxy, to have some tea, or dinner. Or something.

This game constitutes a grand ol’ universe. There are 3 game modes, sure, but it doesn’t mean you’re loading the game in a different aspect of it’s programming so you can, say, get some mining done, or trading etc. But it comes as one big computer game, where you can get some trading done, or fancy a nice quiet night mining away at minerals. Or explore the galaxy. I set out on an exploration trip a few days ago, and actually discovered systems that still hadn’t been discovered. I mean, wow. The playing place is HUGE.

And lets not stop at huge. It’s realistic. Pretty real. And it gets real too. With all the griefers, and PVP and the PVE.

This game is highly recommended for players that just wanna fly around and have a dynamic helping on their plate. Food. Yep. Like food. Like pizza. I’m ordering some tonight. The combat is really really fun. Like the pizza. And speaking of pizza, star citizen is like that pizza I speak of. It’s not out yet, but hey, I’m looking  forward to that too. Just sadly enuff, it’s buried in controversy, because somebody can’t decide on the appropriate toppings on that pizza. That pizza—— I’ll shut up. Wait. Yeah. Star citizen. It’s going to be good when it gets here.

There’s only one disappointment with E.D. that disappointment is that it does not have a first person module/mode. You can’t get out of your ship and/or buggy and walk around. That would be really awesome-cool if that were incorporated to the game itself. It would be nice. Just like pizza. I’ll order chicken wings too.

So, furthermore. Oh! And Pepsi! Forgot the pepsi. BUY ELITE DANGEROUS. It’s worth it. It’s an order of food you just NEED TO HAVE.