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Battlefield 5 Review

World war 2 Mayhem.

The setting: World war 2. Multiple places and conflicts and four classes to choose from.


Battlefield 5 is a game that’s worth a review in 2022. It is a game still very popular, and loved by a both faithful, and the new gamer waiting to test his/her new rig. The graphics are breathtaking, there’s decent frames, and the game mechanics and gameplay are as smooth as silk. It’s a great game and has a lot of playtime sitting there just waiting for you. It’s a great way to kill time, have fun, pop in for a few rounds…. etc.


I have to say, the gameplay leaves nothing to be desired by a gamer in the trained eye. You have to have a taste for video games to truly appreciate battlefield 5. I mean, it’s not the perfect game, it’s not the acme of gaming, but it is a lot of fun. And a lot of it. If you have a decent mouse-aim, and can get enough kills. I mean, who doesn’t like kills in shooters, right?



There are four classes available. There are four classes: the machine-gunner, the medic, the support engineer and the sniper. Each class is given there own set of weapons to choose from. You bring a weapon to you, preferably something you’re good at to the battleground, and well, as you do in most shooters…. You start shooting away hoping for some kills.


There’s some strategy to this game. You gotta make sure you’re outsmarting your enemy at every given point and turn, making sure that you get to stay alive long enough for you to kill the bad-guy. I mean, the point of shooters right? If you do happen to go down, there’s a small period of time where you are just lying down, on the ground, waiting for a medic to show up and revive you. You have the option of holding on for dear life, or letting go and dying. Only to redeploy elsewhere and start the whole shoot-shoot-kill-die scenario all over again. The game is straight-forward enough for anyone to pick it up and start shooting. It doesn’t quite bog a user down with multiple and excessive controls so you’re confused about what you’re doing. Too many controls in a game, especially a shooter, is a bad move on behalf of a game developer, IMHO. It does depend on the type of game, but I prefer a fast paced action game to be just that: fast paced, and fun.





the game has a story system set up into story-nodes. Where you complete missions and battles in multiplayer to complete story nodes, and is a creative way to keep the story going.


This game is definitely worth picking up on steam. It’s cheap too, when it’s on sale when it comes to the Steam or Origin Store. It offers a lot of fun and time-passing-something-to-do for your buck. The game on the bottom line: worth it. Word of warning though: there are cheaters in this game. And yes, one cheater usually ruins an entire game-instance unless he’s taken care of and reported.