Summer Foods to Beat the Heat

Getting all types of nutrition for every weather through different foods is important, here we’re going to list down summer foods which will keep you cool and provide your body the sustenance it needs during the season.




How could it be summer without Watermelons? Watermelons are everywhere cause of the season and because they’re one of the best things summer foods out there, who needs water when you’ve got a watermelon, well that’s mostly true, about 90 percent of the watermelon is made out of water but it also has beneficial vitamins such as vitamin A, B6 and C. Make special watermelon drinks and stay hydrated with our top pick.




Tomatoes are great all year round but especially for the summer, we use tomatoes in almost everything we eat such as curries, burgers, salads, pizza and well you name it. Tomatoes are known to improve blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory properties including antioxidants which reduces heart disease being packed with lycopene which can help prevent chronic disease aswell as preventing cancer.




One of the best summer foods to keep you cool in the heat, go for Greek yogurt or regular yogurt whichever is easily available to you. Yogurt is packed with probiotics, protein and calcium, its great if you lose your energy during the day or you start feeling the heat just have some yogurt and you are bound to get your energy back plus you can add berries and make a smoothie to beat the heat ending up with a delicious treat.




All type of berries are great and tasty be it raspberry, strawberry or blueberries to snack on during the summer, they’re packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and fiber  which reduce many types of cancers, the best part is they’re low on calories, a cup of berries can set you can 60 calories and is one of the top summer foods for making drinks or having them with yogurt.




Beets or beetroot are great for the summer, they’re available all year round in the market but it’s good for summer intake, and you can cook them, add into salads or even roast them. Beets come with a unique source of phytonutrients known as betalains which are antioxidants which work as anti-inflammatory agents having fiber, magnesium and potassium.


Summer Tips for Men

Summer is the time of year where things get casual, men and women alike aim to get the summer beach bod or the perfect summer look. Here’s some summer tips on how to beat the heat and look good while doing it.

Get a Haircut:

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You may love your long hair but getting a trim or cutting them short could be a good option for you this summer, if you already have short hair getting a trim every 2 to 3 weeks will relieve some of that heat. Hair is probably the most noticeable feature when you meet someone, so why not keep clean and cool? You can try a skin faded look while having zero maintenance or a low fade with volume top, hey why not bring the messy spikes back?

Trim the Hair – Body Hair that is:

Keeping your body hair in check is a great way to keep cool, some define it as an essential for being a man but trust us once you trim it down you won’t like it any other way. Having low body hair especially in the chest and stomach area can make your shirts more comfortable and help you with beating that heat, besides who likes hair poking out of your shirt?

Skin protection is a must:

If you’re walking around during the deathly rays of the sun this summer you better consider wearing sunscreen or it’s best to go for a lightweight moisturizer with sun protection factor (SPF).



Well it’s the summer and all those shorts which were held back in your wardrobe start creeping out, shorts are cool, I mean they keep you cool. We recommend going for fitted flat front shorts they go along with every shirt nicely be it casual shirts, T-shirts and Polo. Try the lighter colour shorts or cargo shorts but try not to keep them baggy find shorts which fit according to your body.



Casual shirts always look good with a pair of well fitted shorts. Go for lighter colours this season and the shirts made out of linen. The best summer shirts in our opinion has to be Polo shirts they just look great with shorts. Polo shirts should always be well fitted for your body anything too loose or too tight doesn’t look natural and most of all doesn’t feel comfortable, with Polo shirts you have wide range of colours to choose from, build an arsenal of polo shirts and plain T-Shirts.



Everyman’s first instinct during the summer is to just slip into flip flops and head out, that works sure. Flip flops are ideal for the beach or going down to the pool or even a quick grocery run, not so much for the office or another outing with your significant other or even your friends to a restaurant be it fancy or not. If you’re considering the casual shirt style keep in mind boat shoes as they go with just about anything in the summer. Loafers work well too but doesn’t give a refined look like boat shoes do. Comfort is important with style do what suits you best.