WWE brand split confirmed Plus WWE Smackdown going Live in July

The Long Rumored Brand Split for the Raw and Smack down Rosters is Finally a Reality with WWE Smackdown moving to Tuesdays from July 19th and onward but is it a good thing? Lets take a look at the concern and what must be changed to give it a new and exciting overhaul.

Image: WWE

IT gives Lesser Known Stars and others who were lost in obscurity a Chance to Shine such as the Recent NXT call-ups and others such as Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus who seem to have been lost in the mix of things. They could even award a second World Title to the likes of AJ styles and make the Blue Brand all about him, Now granted, this isn’t the first time they’ve done a roster split or had a second world heavyweight championship but it could work because it’s a different era with new stars and more on the way. It’s also a clever way to get back the television ratings it had lost since going to the usa network and being on Thursday nights but now, with WWE smackdown going live, the change in time slot isn’t so bad if they stick to 2-hours instead of the draining 3 hour raw the WWE Universe has to sit through.

It is believed that one show will be built around John Cena and the other on Roman Reigns, whichever brand they jump to via the Draft which is rumored to take place on the July 11th raw is anyone’s guess. Speaking of which there will need to be a General manager for both brands which of course could go to Shane and Stephanie McMahon although to my own personal taste, I wish it is somebody who hasn’t been on tv all that long such as the man called sting who would be welcome along the lines of William regal being the general manager of NXT already. While there maybe two separate World heavyweight champion ships, the other titles such as the women’s and the tag team championships could belong on both brands with the respective title holders pulling double duty, it makes for an interesting time to be a sports entertainment fan to say the least.

Vince McMahon, the Head Honcho of the WWE is said to be Pumped but the WWE Universe seems to have some mixed feelings and understandably so, while I’m personally not that a big of a fan of two world titles because it makes the secondary one mean not so much but if it gives an opportunity to the likes of a Kevin Owens or dean Ambrose who would most likely have never been given the top Gold then I’m all for it. The current sets and themes should be changed to reflect the new era as this one has gotten a bit stale, the current set must also get an overhaul so who knows come July if it actually happens or not. And please no individual ppv’s for the different brands as its only confusing plus, Smack down should be made to feel more along the lines of their flagship show WWE raw then be Relegated to a B show like it has almost always been made to look like. So in closing I hope that the E gets the brand split right this time, only time will tell.