E3 2016

TitanFall 2 Collector’s Edition

We really loved TitanFall when it came out, the action, the mechs, the parkour was endless fun. Well until it lasted. TitanFall 2 is showing great promise with the E3 reveal and single player cmapaign trailer, incase you haven’t Check it out here.

Respawn Entertainment has officially announced the TitanFall 2 Collector’s Edition, and if you are a fan of the franchise it’s a must buy with really awesome goodies included.

TitanFall 2 Colletor’s Edition is currently set at $250 on Amazon and pre-orders are available now.

The Collector’s Edition includes the deluxe edition of TitanFall 2 and an 8GB dog tags flashdrive, an aluminum field case journal and the best part in the deal is a titanfall 2 vanguard pilot helmet replica with a light up face template which we thing is pretty freaking cool, even interms of the bang for buck concept.




Thats alot of goodies for $250 and it isn’t just a replica to sit on your desk, you can put it on and go cosplaying or trick or treating if you want too. The Collector’s edition also comes with pilot helmet accessories such as lasrer UV pointer for your helmet including a scarf to keep your pilot self protected from the harsh enviorment.












There is another version of the TitanFall 2 collector’s edition such as the Standard Edition.



Reportedly there is also an Uber edition of the TitanFall 2 Collectors edition.


TitanFall 2 is set to be released October 28 2016, coming on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.