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If in the case the CDKEY we sold you does not work, you may be entitled a refund, if the key HAS NOT BEEN USED or came up as ALREADY REGISTERED.
To do this, you must provide proof of a specific factor:
1. a screen shot of your games library, along with the section of “hidden games” exposed in the screen shot(s), to show us the key was not registered.
2. a screen shot of the panel where it says the key has already been registered and cannot be used.
3. a screen shot of the alphabetical area where the game should appear, but doesn’t.
NOTE: PLEASE pay attention to the REGION of the GAME’s activation area. IF you accidentally purchase the wrong region’s key, you’ll have to return/refund the old purchase, and re-purchase the correct key. REFUNDS CAN TAKE UP TO 7 – 10 DAYS to process, so be careful!
if returning an unused CDKEY, please state so in the communication that we establish to cater to your needs.