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How do i delete my Account?

You May Submit a Request for Account Deletion to codekey@codeandkey.com


Do i need an Account to Buy CDKEYS?

In a word, Yes.

How do I change my Email associated with my Account at codeandkey.com?

You may change the Email Associated with the Account from the “MY ACCOUNT” area.

How do i reset my password.

You May go to the link where it says “Forgot Password.”

How do I report a faulty / non-working key?

Open a dialogue with us if you have a faulty/non working Cdkey, and we’ll take the appropriate actions for you, if your case is genuine.

How do i contact codeandkey.com?

Email Us at codekey@codeandkey.com

Can I Run This?

You can Refer to the System Requirements Section on the Product Page,

or Look up at your Game at the CAN I RUN THIS? Website:



CDkey Revoked Issues

Please Contact us at codekey@codeandkey.com

Where can i find the cdkeys I’ve already purchased?

In the “My Account” section you’ll find your products and game-keys listed.

Can i get a refund?

Only if your case is genuine, Please email us at codekey@codeandkey.com

How long will my order take to process?

It can take anywhere from 2 Minutes, to 5 Hours. Please Be Patient.

How do I cancel an order that I still have not paid for?

Go to your “My Account” Page and click on cancel from the Orders section.

Why is my order on hold?

Some Orders are Subject to Order Verification.


ID Verification.

Orders are subject to Order Verification by discretion of codeandkey.com