The Benefits of Running

Runners know that the benefits of running outweigh other forms of exercise and how running has changed their lives substantially.
For beginners it may be dreading in some ways but once you get used to it pain and start seeing the benefits, it’s more than likely you won’t give up running and will adopt the running lifestyle.

Beginners should understand that it takes time to become a natural runner, the right amount of rest days and breathing is important at first and not the pace, find the right pair of shoes, music and route and head on out.

Running helps you gain confidence

One of the early benefits of running is the confidence gain, you’ll be surer of yourself because you’ll be confident in your abilities and start being confident with your body image and life in general. Hey running 10k isn’t easy you know?

Mental Health

There is most certainly something known as the runners high and once you start running you’ll experience it too, runners tend to stay happier than their non-running counterparts increasing their focus as well. Runners high is attributed to the endorphin’s released during the activity and can last the rest of the day, well at least the good mood does.

Running keeps your joints strong and stable

The impact on our joints and ligaments during running can either impact them positively or negatively, but don’t worry more than half of the time it stays on the positive side depending on the terrain you are running on, so always consider that. Running helps your joints to stay strong and keep building and maintain the fiber around them.

Running increases lung capacity

This is one of the most important benefits of running, runners have higher lung capacity as running does take those lungs for a run as well, just ask smokers who start running how that feels. Non-smokers tend to run longer then smokers but running can help smokers with better lung capacity as well so don’t let that stop you from running, if you smoke that is.

It Increases your Immune System

Runners eventually get an increased tolerance towards attracting germs and don’t get sick often, but keep in mind over training can sometimes lead to a weaker immune system until the time of recovery so keep that pro and con in mind.


It Builds Friendships and Healthy Competition 

Runners who run with friends or other runners have the ability to form better friendships through this free of cost and healthy activity and not to mention build healthy competition among health other. Friends who run with each other tend to always increase performance. Hey, it doesn’t feel good to be left behind.

Running Relieves stress and maintains blood pressure

The major benefits of running is the fact that it is the best way to relieve stress, running releases the chemical serotonin in the brain which makes you happier and relaxed. Running increases the amount your heart has to work and the pumping blood helps maintain your blood pressure.

Helps maintain and lose weight

The most important reason why people start running in the first place, well is to lose or maintain their weight. Everyone likes to keep fitting into their favorite pair of jeans. Running takes increasing metabolism to a higher level which results in burning a lot of calories, while it may make you hunger levels increase as well so a little control won’t hurt but I’m sure you’ll get that through running cause it does require discipline and why isn’t this point at the top?.