4 Summer Beach Destinations that are light on your Pocket

Summer is in full swing that means some or most of you are considering a week or a month’s get away, either you’ll take off from work or the semester just ended. Choosing one of the right summer beach destinations which won’t be too hard on your bank account if its the first thing we consider. Here are our top places to visit which won’t take a chunk off those savings.



If you enjoy tropical temperatures then this is the place for you, particularly Da Nang, the major port city in central Vietnam right at the eastern coast. With luxury resorts setting shop in Vietnam the tourist scene is rapidly growing with a night’s stay at a hotel near the beach line starting as low as $15 a night. Whereas the luxury hotels can set you back $150 a night. There are 3 main beach areas, the south part, the north part and the son tra area in Da Nang and don’t forget to check out the stunning marble mountains while in Da Nang. Take a flight directly to Hanoi the nation’s capital and catch a local flight or train and head on to Da Nang, you can explore other areas of Vietnam such as Hon An, a 45 minute drive from Na Nang which is listed as UNESCO world heritage site famous for its street food and rice noodles.



There are many things to do in Indonesia, be it the beaches, the trails, the food, the cheap bars, museums, the temples and the safari parks. Bali may indeed have it all, the clear blue beaches of Kuta and the greenery in Denpasar, the beautiful temples and the exotic food. Summer is usually packing in Bali with tourists coming in from Australia and other parts of the world it’s a great place for people looking for an adventure many take the trip hoping to catch the big waves while surfing at Kuta’s Beaches and enjoying the wide variety of sea food. The best resorts in Bali can start from an average of $170 a night but some smaller resorts can be low as $100 where as small villa’s or hotel can range from $35 to $50.



Egypt has always been a good tourism spot because everyone wants to see the pyramids at least once but there are a lot of other things to do while visiting Egypt. First place to go would be Cairo the nation’s capital known famously for the Giza pyramids keep in mind the heat can go over 30 degrees and the peek tourism is during the summer which can lead to long wait times but it is a must see and relatively hassle free. Sharm el-Sheikh is great spot for tourists which is along the beach line and has coral reefs for divers the desert town has clubs and great food to enjoy from if you’re into scuba diving head on to Hurghada beach resort or the city Luxor with its ancient temples and tombs or head on to Taba for its beaches, casinos or a round of golf. Egypt is definitely a place for everyone. Hotel prices in Sharm el-Sheikh start from $45.



Thailand is a great destination for a group of friends and couples, the wide variety of Islands and beaches are great to choose from and close to each other so transit isn’t really a problem. It is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world because of its activities and cheap hotels and stunning beaches, guys can even opt for a cheaper option such as hostels. The beaches are the place to be in Thailand with its half-moon and full moon parties at Ko Pha Ngan, head to Pattaya beach for its vibrant nightlife or Ko Samui. Head on to Ko Lanta District for some MMA or Muay Thai action. Phuket is a great stop for couples with its beaches, markets, food and vast amount of bars. End the trip by going to Bangkok for a day or two for those shopping needs before heading home. Hotel prices in Pattaya can start from $20 a night depending on tourist season and is our top pick for as one of the best summer beach destinations.